Hello, I'm 
Helen Ayim

Major: Computer Information System Major

Minor: Accountant

I am Helen Ayim. I am determined to collaborate and work earnestly to give the most efficient service possible as an SAP ABAP Developer. I have cultivated a background in leadership, collaboration, and programming as an undergraduate in order to provide first-class customer service.

When I served in my roles as Soccer Captain I learned how to adapt to ideas and methods that were different from my own; I had to choose the ones that were most efficient, while staying open minded to new insights, based on team feedback. I was able to maintain group morale and stay goal oriented. I am eager to learn and adapt and continuous training to improve business methods . I have acquired leadership skills while motivating people, hosting informal outings and adapting to the team concerns to alleviate practical problems. Soccer seasons taught me the usefulness of teamwork, but the most important skill that I have learned is time-management, which helped me balance a heavy workload as a four year student athlete.

I take pride in the opportunity to assist with my trouble-shooting skills, to help reach company's objectives. In Computer Information Systems, we have objectively emphasized the testing of software. My background in testing and troubleshooting programs qualifies me as a strong candidate to help assist teams. I hope to learn from mentors and grow with people who share my core values. 

I am inclined to progress with a cutting-edge company that passionately works to provide innovative solutions to customer’s problems.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

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